Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Songs Live!

Here are a few new songs we performed live when opening for Neko Case.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Online Store Up and Running!

Hey. So. It's Christmas. And you're trying to figure out what to get for that special someone, or that not-so-special someone. You need help. Where do you turn? HOLY CRAP! Oh No Oh My has stuff for sale online? YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.

No, I'm not. We have SO MANY SHIRTS, that will look soooooooo good on your body, so many CD's that will spin especially faster in your CD player, and not so many Vinyl Records that will spin oh so smoothly on your turntable.

Just go to and look at all of the cool things you can buy!

Or go to and click on "Merch"


Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Songs

WHEW! This last month has been busy busy. Christmastime = STRESSTIME. I have a huge family, which constitutes huge amounts of time and effort on gifts. I was also selected for jury duty for the second time in a few months. They keep telling me to take a week off for trial, threaten to fine me if I don't, then when I get there tell me I'm dismissed. GAH. This time I was kept for the actual selection part (last time they told me to go away pretty much immediately). Boy am I glad I didn't get picked. Boring!! Let me tell you. Lawyers asking you vague questions about domestic abuse for an afternoon is not as fun as it sounds! I'm so happy I didn't get picked! So happy in fact I thought I would spread a little holiday cheer. I have a bunch of christmas songs that I've reworked and arranged over the years and recorded in my humble abode as a gift for my parents. I know but still Christmas songs?
Yes Christmas songs you Scrooge.

Christmas Songs* (400mb)
As MP3's (29mb)

This batch was recorded in December of 2007. I have some dating all the way back to 2004. Wow thats a long time ago!

*EDIT: Somebody complained about the files being corrupted half way through. So I upload the songs as MP3's to a different site. If I get more complaints I'll take the first link down.

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Love it

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What Will We Be

You know what this time of year is best for? YES correct horror films. I've compiled a list of movies that I have watched so far this month.

Evil Dead II
An American Werewolf in London
Dead Set
Return of the Living Dead
Castle Freak
Dead Alive
Dreams in the Witch-House

Thats it so far I think. Sometimes they run into together and I can't remember what I've watched and haven't. I need to see Zombieland, Survival of the Dead, and Pandorum as new movies go.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

September 5th - Recording LP2

At the beginning of this video you'll see Tim and Jeff discussing the merits of recording a part for the instrumental end of Summerdays. It's hard to keep perspective when'll have an idea for something, and then want to see it all the way through, but sometimes it's time better spent just practicing with it at home to see if it works.

The rest of this video shows recording of the basics for an untitled song as of right now, but referred to as "Ghost Muffin" for no particular reason except those are the words the emit from Tim's mouth every once and awhile. Who knows what's going on inside his brain.

We tried at first to track the drums and piano live together, but I felt that it lent itself to too much of an open sound for the piano, so we just tracked the drums while I played through a Nord.

Later you'll see me start to track the piano for the song. I don't think we're going to keep it, as I'm not really happy with how I played it exactly. I might go back and play mostly everything an octave lower, and more get a more creepy sound rather than the upbeat rag time thing that you hear in the video.

But we've just finished another 3 days in the studio, and another 3 songs (maybe 2.5). Sounds pretty gooooooood. Joel is working on the videos, and I'll try and do better to post some commentary, as they are more fresh in the brain. Anyway, we recorded a song tentatively titled "Pass The Frowns," and then another song called "Again Again," and another really short live acoustic song called "Circles and Carousels."

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

back in the studio

yep back to the ol' grindstone. Two new songs and some overdubing on the three songs done previously. More video's to come so STAY TUNED.

in the meantime just letting the days go by.

"same as it ever was" SMACK

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

September 4th - Recording LP2

We were able to get started much faster since all of our equipment was already loaded in and the drums were all set up and mic'ed from the day before.  But still, getting all the chords and amps and patches and sounds and coffee and trying to wake up takes about two hours before the red light turns on, we are all ready and jeff hits record.

Summerdays.  (or summerdaze)  hehe

Me, Tim and Joel are in the live room while Daniel is in the isolation room all by his lonesome cause he's singing this song, and we don't want his voice in the drum tracks right?  Right.  Anyways, Joel hammers out the drums in as many takes as i can count on one hand, cause Joel is to drums as R Kelly is to flying, cause if you believe the impossible your dreams can come true.  Did I just diss Joel?  Do people say diss?

After drums we break for food and opt to get some Maudi's Tex Mex.  We mistakenly decide to go during the prime time for tex mex dining because we had to wait forever to get a table and all the while a storm was raging outside.  While the rest of us hung out and tried to stay dry under the overhang Brad and Tim bought some books at Good Will next door.  Tim bought Strangers in a Strange Land.  For dinner Joel ate chicken enchiladas for the second night in a row.

After drums and dinner it's my job, the big bad bass.  Jeff brought his insanely large and red Reddi tube DI that made Daniel's already great sounding bass sound like butter (you can see Jeff taking it out of the case in the video). 

Then where has the time gone??  Me and Joel have to play a show that night down the street so we pack up our stuff and head over to rock off some socks and whatever.     While we are gone Daniel lays down acoustic guitar and Tim electric guitar and some vibraphone.  I was gone so I'm not really sure how everything went down, but I do know that when we got back and listened it sounded killer, thus concluding day 2.  

Next day: Haunted Apartment, A.K.A. Ghost Muffin.

(written by Greg Barkley)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 3rd - Recording LP2

So, we're going to be filming our record making process from start to finish, Joel will be editing the videos, and then we'll post it all here with additional thoughts and details in text form. You can ask questions in the comments if you would like, and one of us will probably respond to you.

I'm going to be somewhat verbose in the description of our day to day activities, so if you just want to get a sampling, you probably ignore everything below. But if you want the detailed play by play account, then read on:


So our friends from the band Corto Maltese introduced us to a wonderful fellow named Jeff Byrd earlier this year, whom they had been working with on their next album. So we met Jeff and he seemed like a nice enough guy, and offered to maybe take a stab at helping us record our next record. We met with him a couple of times, and finally got our schedules together so that we could go in and record for 3 days and try and get the basic tracks for 3 songs recorded.

We talked about various studios and what not, and decided (after visiting) to give a place called Public Hi-Fi a try. It's owned by Jim Eno of Spoon fame, and it's an awe inspiring set up. So many amazing microphones, a Neve Console, a 24 track Studer A827 (I believe), and more old compressors than anyone should know what to do with. (You can check out more here)

So it was kindof a no-brainer to record there, at least conceptually. It's a weird thing to be doing this all in a studio, seeing as this is the first time (for this band, at least) to ever let someone else record us besides ourselves. I've always assumed a lot of the responsibility for recording, but we decided a long time ago for the next record we wanted all of us to be able to focus on the music, and not have to worry about the technical aspects (or not worry as MUCH, at least, mewhahahaghasdgkljhasg). This is also the first time we'll be recording to 2" tape, and not straight into a computer. So that's a big deal.

ANYWAY. FLASH FORWARD to Thursday morning...

September 3rd - Day 1 of Tracking

We all met up at Tim and Joel's place to caravan over to the studio. It's only a couple of miles from all of us, which is nice. We brought more stuff than we could ever need. A short description:

2 Guitar Amps
1 Bass Amp
5 Electric Guitars
2 Bass Guitars
2 Full Drum Sets
6 various keyboards
and later an Accordion

We met Jeff at the studio at noon, and were introduced to the house engineer at PHF, Brad Bell, who would be assisting and being awesome for the duration for the session. He's a cool cat.

Most of the afternoon was taken up by loading our stuff in, getting everyone situated, and setting up drums and microphones. ONE of the great things about the studio is that there's mic inputs throughout the entire place. Everywhere. Literally.

So for basic tracking, the number one goal is getting a good drum take. If the other stuff is good enough to keep, that's great: but we're most concerned with drums. It was decided we would try out a drum kit that Jeff owns, which is almost exactly similiar to Joel's main drumset (both made by C&C), but the edges of the shells we used were sharp, whereas Joel's set has more rounded edges. So anyway, while they set up drums and got drum sounds, Tim, Greg, and I went to the store to stock up on some refreshments, and stuff. Shopping list:

2 cases of bottled water
2 cases of Orange Gatorade
2 cases of Red Gatorade
1 BIG box of Goldfish (crackers)
1 box of Wheat Thins (which come to think of it, I never had any)
1 box of Ritz crackers
1 block Colby Jack cheese
12 pack of Shiner Bock

So drums were set up while we were gone, we got back and they sounded great, little random microphone adjustments were made, blah blah blah.

Greg was isolated in a hallway of sorts, so he could sing and not piss anybody off (JUST KIDDING OH MY GOD SERIOUSLY). I stood next to Joel, playing bass. Tim played in the main tracking room as well, but his amp was located in the bathroom upstairs (...I said everywhere).

The goal for this whole session was to get basics done for 1 song each day, for a total of 3 songs. We decided to start with "You Were Right" as that's the song we've played the most so far, and are the most comfortable with.

I don't know about anybody else, but I was super nervous. I don't know why. I know how to play the bass. It's just "red-light-itus" or whatever. We probably started our first take around 5 or 5:30, and I'm not totally sure how many times we did it. 5? Maybe? 5 or 6. So anyway, we picked a take we all liked, and that Joel was most happy with.

It so happens that my bass playing on the take we decided to keep was definitely not my best performance, so Jeff suggested I take it again. Seeing as this was my first time going to tape, I was a little apprehensive about it all. I mean, after you record over something with's gone. Forever. There's no "undo" button. So after a little coaxing, I relented on the condition I could record to a new track, in case I really couldn't do any better. Much to my surprise, you could immediately tell the difference, and I had nothing to worry about. Silly me. I went through the song one time through, and then we went back and punched in little bits here and there. But I don't think the whole process took longer than 45 minutes.

And then I think we took a dinner break, and we all headed over to Magnolia Cafe.

We came back, and we took a stab at Greg's guitar track. We started with my Tele Plus and Twin...and that wasn't working (I'm going to take my amp into the shop tomorrow). So then we switched to Greg's Jazzmaster. Then we tried an old Silvertone amp (which you can see in the video). But that didn't work either. So we finally settled on a Fender Deluxe (after doing some research, I found out it's a 1961 Fender Deluxe). And then Greg tried playing a couple different ways, and it just wasn't working. After awhile he tried playing harder, and we turned them amp up more to get more overdrive out of it, and BINGO there was the sound. Cool. Good job, Greg.

Then Tim's turn came. He thought his scratch guitar that was recorded in the bathroom was pretty rad, but I was convinced he could do better, and we could get a better sound as well. I don't remember exactly, but I think we tried placing his amp in the iso booth first. Maybe not. But then they moved the amp out into the main room, and pointed it up towards the ceiling, which is about 40 feet tall, maybe? I don't know. It's really really really tall. Placed a close mic on the cabinet, blended it with another microphone that is located on the 2nd story catwalk above the tracking room...and then we let him turn his amp up. MAYBE the loudest thing ever.

So he took a pass...and it was awesome. Way better than before. Then we listened to playback...and it wasn't coming up correctly. Turns out, the tape head had gotten dirty from the tape, and Tim's guitar was recorded extremely low (that's the take you see Tim recording in the video). SO, he did it all over again. And it was different, but equally awesome. But it probably didn't matter much, because on the first take, for some reason, Tim's strap locks on his guitar are so rusty, that they vibrate through his guitar and make it all the way out to his amp. So we would've had to redo a lot of it anyway. He took off the strap for the rest of the session. You can actually hear a little bit of the squeaky guitar strap in the video, as well...right before he starts playing.

I think we then plugged a keyboard into his amp, and he played an organ part over the song. And that about wrapped it up for the day. I think we left around 12:30am.

To be continued on Day 2...

WHEW. Sorry that was so long. But hey, read as much or as little as you want. NICE!.
Like I said, we're going to try and make this as interactive as possible, so feel free to ask questions, and we'll do our best to respond.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thank you Mr. Do

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Recording LP 2 - Pre Rehearsal

Hello everybody.

We are going into the studio Sept 3rd through the 5th to start tracking the new LP.
We will be posting episodes each day (well each day we are in the studio or doing something productive for the record) here on our blog so you guys can see!

Here is the first video of a Pre-Rehearsal for the start of the recording process. Sorry it isnt filled with awesome stuff...but this was just a test to see how the uploading process would go. Enjoy!

And don't worry. We will be posting a lot more in the coming months!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

His name is my name.

Did you know you could go to Luxury Wafers and hear 2 new songs? It was recorded a couple months ago so they are not the end all finalized versions, but it's been a work in progress testing the waters. Take a listen. Tell us what you think.

-John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

Monday, August 17, 2009


Hello everybody,

A while back I entered a Jingle Contest for Gattis Pizza. Well the judges seemed to like mine and put me in the top 5 finalist for the contest! The winner gets $10,000 and free pizza for a year!!!

So since Oh No Oh My is recording a new record in the very very very near future. We need that pizza! So GO VOTE!!!!!!!!

Its very easy visit and click on Finalist and sign up and vote for me! Joel Calvin

Oh and enjoy the jingle!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Tom got a bunch of us hooked on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia while we were on tour last year in Europe. IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THIS SHOW YET, YOU NEED TO STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND GO TO:

And watch every episode. You might think it's too weird at first...but you'll love it by the second season. If you don't believe me, watch this preview clip from the upcoming season:


Friday, July 10, 2009


Just started getting into home brewing beer. Got soooo into it that i made a blog for it. Pretty lame but if you feel interested then go over to

We named it driveway because we do most of the process in the driveway on the propane burner. niiiiice!

We started with a Double IPA. Then a clone of the Live Oak Hefeweizen and the one we just started tonight was a Triple Chocolate Coffee Stout. I am not a huge chocolate lover personally but i think this beer will be pretty tasty.

We uploaded some pictures of the process.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I've finished the song about space. Its about a NASA pilot aborting a mission to explore the cosmos on his own. The idea of light years and the size of our universe blows my mind.

Tim's b-day celebration was fun. Booher and the Turkeyz and Royal Bangs melted our faces. Thanks to all of you who came out. I heard Year One was awful and it doesn't really suprise me. But I do like Harold Ramis and I do like Ghostbusters. I didn't know Harold Ramis was a director until some imdb searches let me know he's directed a lot of bad movies with an exception or two like Groundhogs Day.

I'm on season four of The Wire but my video store was out so I rented Tokyo Zombie and Body of Lies which for me gets a hearty thumbs down. Both of them. Tokyo Zombie was not funny and Body of Lies was plain and simple not that good. I was slightly entertained but mostly bored by both of them. I should just stick with The Wire.

Anyways I am writing writing writing I hope you all are doing well.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We are not the same I am a Martian

So. I'm pretty into the TV show Skins. I'm excited about Dead Snow. (Nazi Zombies? oh yes) And maybe Year One...not sure about that one. I've been trying to write a song about the final frontier but eventually find myself singing about ground control and Major Tom, realize I'm getting nowhere and throw on a Bowie album. I just put on a censored version of Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III which was actually donated to a home for abused children that has somehow found its way to my desk.

The best thing that has happened to me so far this week was that within the first 5 minutes of my jury duty yesterday I was told I wasn't needed and to go home. Seriously it felt like the judge declaring "not guitly". And the best purchase I've made so far this year has been my scooter. Yes it was worth trading in my car for it. And yes in retrospect I still would have let Daniel ride it for the first time and pretty much immediately crash it (aside from some scratches both he and the scooter were ok). That might have been the funniest thing I've seen all year.

Oh yeah and Tims MASSIVE b-day partay this thursday the 18th @ emos with our good friends Royal Bangs and Booher and the Turkeyz.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tour was great. Thanks to everybody who came out to the shows you are all amazing and are the reason we are able to tour in the first place so thank you thank you thank you!! Our first night in Lubbock TX made us feel right at home, bringing some enthusiasm that was off the charts. Everybody is genuinely nice there too. One guy told me he was surprised that we were genuinely nice back, and proceeded to tell me how a lot of Austin bands that come through are snobby to the fine folks in the smaller towns of west Texas. I'm glad we don't come across as snobs, or at least not to that guy.

After a couple driving days we spent Tuesday night in Dodger Stadium catching LA rip it to the Mets. Always a good time. Ten dollar can't beat that!

Sacramento was fun, especially talking to the door guy who explained to me the history of Oingo Boingo and Danny Elfman's transition into a big time composer. That night we were also graced with the music of Pelle Carlberg, who is another genuinely nice guy from Sweden who just so happens to write acoustic pop gems. You should take a listen.

Next day San Fransisco for the SF pop fest. We got there in the afternoon, checked out City Lights Books, then met up with our good friend Cory Branan who happened to be in town recording his new album. We spent the next few hours wandering around and mostly trying to find a place to pee. That night we played with four bands, one happened to be Pelle again and also another band from Sweden(I forget the name). Hanging out in the back room felt like Europe all over again.

Driving from SF to LA is an interesting drive. Passing dozons of dried up orchards each with a sign to explain that it is another "congress made dust bowl", to keep up you hit the speedometer governer at 85 mph only to find every driver still flying by. Then you experience the cold air of SF eaten alive by the desert heat, once again cooled off as soon as you hit LA. It's like somebody forgot to turn on the AC in between. The show that night was good, even if a bit too early.

Next day we played for an online site that I uh...can't remember the name for. But I think its much like We will keep you updated for that. (we played two new songs_____ &_____). Then we went to see To Catch A Thief in a cemetery, which was awesome by the way. Tim made some chili mac, we ate heartily then fell asleep. Thus concluding our little tour.

We ate In&Out about 10 times in the 7 days it was available to us because it is delicious. I hear P Terry's here in home sweet home A-town is a lot like it but have yet to experience that for myself. If it is I will probably gain a lot of pounds out of pure gluttony turned into depression for some reason.

While on tour I read Moondust by Andrew Smith and started Welcome To The Monkey House by Kurt Vonnegut. I went to see Drag Me To Hell and enjoyed it immensely, then the next day watched The Brothers Bloom and also enjoyed it, although for completely different reasons.
Well, my old friend is visiting town tonight and we are going to rent some awesome B horror movie. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tour? Oh Yeah!

We will be starting a small west coast tour on Saturday. Well I guess maybe friday. We play in Austin on Friday. So I guess it starts on Friday. Sweet!

If you do not live where we are going and want us to come to your town im sorry. This is what we could do for now! so stop your complaining! we will be there or near there soon. Actually I don't care if you complain and send comments to our myspace saying COME TO PHILLY!! or COME TO AFRICA! Because i think it would be cool to go to Africa! But it also makes us feel loved that you would actually want US to come to your town. As long as you don't live in Yakima.

Anyways. Here are the dates. read them and WEEP!!!

May 15th - Austin, TX - Mohawk w/ Loxsly, Corto Maltese, Booher and the Turkeyz,Tv Torso.

May 16th - Lubbock, TX - Jake's Backroom

May 20th - Sacramento, CA - Blue Lamp

May 21st - San Francisco, CA - Rickshaw Stop - SF Popfest

May 22nd - Los Angeles, CA - ECHO (Early Show)

Monday, May 4, 2009


I really like that this blog has now become a place just to repost funny youtube videos, for the most part.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Show Tonight at Emos

And watch this!


Friday, April 10, 2009


Hope Everyone has a good Easter!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March Rules

As in, I love March, not a social conduct we have to follow in March. I don't know, maybe it has something to do with the the spring like weather (here in Austin at least). Maybe it has something to do with the days ever so slowly getting longer. Maybe it as something to do with SXSW, but something about March just seems so optimistic is jolly. I don't know maybe its just me. Here in Oh No Oh My camp (yes, it is a camp) our March is being divided between writing and recording with a couple show splattered here and there. The first show is for the:

Yellow Bike Benifit Show @ Mohawk 3/8. The whole kit and kaboodle starts at 5, we go on at 9. Its bound to be a good time for all. And SOMEBODY STOLE MY BIKE. So maybe I'll build one there. Who knows? The possibilited are endles. Next up are a slew of sxsw dates that are TBD. Actually one is confirmed and you know the best part is its FREE. No wristband or any of that jargon needed. Thats the:

I Guess I'm Floating/ twosyllable records SXSW party @ Schultz Garten 3/19. We go on at 3:30. Check here for all the bands and set times. Looks like a good time to me. Plus free beer! Yeah for real. We're getting all the other SXSW shows sorted out and will surely post about it once its all confirmed. Next show we have is:

The westheimer block party in Houston 3/28. I don't really know anything about this show or when we are playing so uhhh....

Anyways i'm listening to Dear Catastrophe Waitress by Belle & Sebastian right now, litterally. The song is I'm a Cuckoo. Now its You Don't Send Me because I made a phone call. Anyways thats boring stuff go outsite and enjoy the beautiful March weather!!! If you don't live in austin I'm sorry, for many reasons. hehe har har.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a house blew up in my neighborhood

yeah, blew up. They're saying it's from a gas leak. luckily nobody was hurt because after becoming dizzy and smelling ridiculous amounts of gas the family who lived there went outside, only to have their home explode in their face. Like in a movie or something. Anyways I hope my home doesn't explode one day and I hope yours doesn't either. But if my home were to be destroyed (knock on wood) I'd rather it blow up then like...get flooded or something (which is lame).

We're working on some demos for the new album, I think we have about 8 or 9 songs. That's pretty exciting. Not as exciting as explosions or like...shark attacks but I'm excited. Has anybody seen Slumdog Millionaire yet? Isn't it the best movie you've seen all year? I think so, or maybe one of the best. I'm reading Naked Lunch right now. I've seen Cronenbergs movie but honestly, I don't remember a thing about it. The books always better than the movie anyways, right? Neil Young's Harvest is in my record player and Dr. Dog's Fate is in my cd player in the car. I hate taxes.

Oh yeah Joel's B-day celebration Feb. 5th (This Thursday!!!!!!!) Emos inside
And its FREE