Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March Rules

As in, I love March, not a social conduct we have to follow in March. I don't know, maybe it has something to do with the the spring like weather (here in Austin at least). Maybe it has something to do with the days ever so slowly getting longer. Maybe it as something to do with SXSW, but something about March just seems so optimistic is jolly. I don't know maybe its just me. Here in Oh No Oh My camp (yes, it is a camp) our March is being divided between writing and recording with a couple show splattered here and there. The first show is for the:

Yellow Bike Benifit Show @ Mohawk 3/8. The whole kit and kaboodle starts at 5, we go on at 9. Its bound to be a good time for all. And SOMEBODY STOLE MY BIKE. So maybe I'll build one there. Who knows? The possibilited are endles. Next up are a slew of sxsw dates that are TBD. Actually one is confirmed and you know the best part is its FREE. No wristband or any of that jargon needed. Thats the:

I Guess I'm Floating/ twosyllable records SXSW party @ Schultz Garten 3/19. We go on at 3:30. Check here for all the bands and set times. Looks like a good time to me. Plus free beer! Yeah for real. We're getting all the other SXSW shows sorted out and will surely post about it once its all confirmed. Next show we have is:

The westheimer block party in Houston 3/28. I don't really know anything about this show or when we are playing so uhhh....

Anyways i'm listening to Dear Catastrophe Waitress by Belle & Sebastian right now, litterally. The song is I'm a Cuckoo. Now its You Don't Send Me because I made a phone call. Anyways thats boring stuff go outsite and enjoy the beautiful March weather!!! If you don't live in austin I'm sorry, for many reasons. hehe har har.