Saturday, October 17, 2009

September 5th - Recording LP2

At the beginning of this video you'll see Tim and Jeff discussing the merits of recording a part for the instrumental end of Summerdays. It's hard to keep perspective when'll have an idea for something, and then want to see it all the way through, but sometimes it's time better spent just practicing with it at home to see if it works.

The rest of this video shows recording of the basics for an untitled song as of right now, but referred to as "Ghost Muffin" for no particular reason except those are the words the emit from Tim's mouth every once and awhile. Who knows what's going on inside his brain.

We tried at first to track the drums and piano live together, but I felt that it lent itself to too much of an open sound for the piano, so we just tracked the drums while I played through a Nord.

Later you'll see me start to track the piano for the song. I don't think we're going to keep it, as I'm not really happy with how I played it exactly. I might go back and play mostly everything an octave lower, and more get a more creepy sound rather than the upbeat rag time thing that you hear in the video.

But we've just finished another 3 days in the studio, and another 3 songs (maybe 2.5). Sounds pretty gooooooood. Joel is working on the videos, and I'll try and do better to post some commentary, as they are more fresh in the brain. Anyway, we recorded a song tentatively titled "Pass The Frowns," and then another song called "Again Again," and another really short live acoustic song called "Circles and Carousels."


Gabriel said...

That microphone in the piano could not have been any closer I think.

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