Tuesday, October 6, 2009

September 4th - Recording LP2

We were able to get started much faster since all of our equipment was already loaded in and the drums were all set up and mic'ed from the day before.  But still, getting all the chords and amps and patches and sounds and coffee and trying to wake up takes about two hours before the red light turns on, we are all ready and jeff hits record.

Summerdays.  (or summerdaze)  hehe

Me, Tim and Joel are in the live room while Daniel is in the isolation room all by his lonesome cause he's singing this song, and we don't want his voice in the drum tracks right?  Right.  Anyways, Joel hammers out the drums in as many takes as i can count on one hand, cause Joel is to drums as R Kelly is to flying, cause if you believe the impossible your dreams can come true.  Did I just diss Joel?  Do people say diss?

After drums we break for food and opt to get some Maudi's Tex Mex.  We mistakenly decide to go during the prime time for tex mex dining because we had to wait forever to get a table and all the while a storm was raging outside.  While the rest of us hung out and tried to stay dry under the overhang Brad and Tim bought some books at Good Will next door.  Tim bought Strangers in a Strange Land.  For dinner Joel ate chicken enchiladas for the second night in a row.

After drums and dinner it's my job, the big bad bass.  Jeff brought his insanely large and red Reddi tube DI that made Daniel's already great sounding bass sound like butter (you can see Jeff taking it out of the case in the video). 

Then where has the time gone??  Me and Joel have to play a show that night down the street so we pack up our stuff and head over to rock off some socks and whatever.     While we are gone Daniel lays down acoustic guitar and Tim electric guitar and some vibraphone.  I was gone so I'm not really sure how everything went down, but I do know that when we got back and listened it sounded killer, thus concluding day 2.  

Next day: Haunted Apartment, A.K.A. Ghost Muffin.

(written by Greg Barkley)


Gabriel said...

I'm so glad those Luxury Wafers recordings exist. Watching this video makes me want to listen to them again. Can't wait for the album though.

Anonymous said...
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