Friday, July 10, 2009


Just started getting into home brewing beer. Got soooo into it that i made a blog for it. Pretty lame but if you feel interested then go over to

We named it driveway because we do most of the process in the driveway on the propane burner. niiiiice!

We started with a Double IPA. Then a clone of the Live Oak Hefeweizen and the one we just started tonight was a Triple Chocolate Coffee Stout. I am not a huge chocolate lover personally but i think this beer will be pretty tasty.

We uploaded some pictures of the process.


Gabriel said...

Home brew is the best. I usually go to a ubrew place that provides all the equipment and ingredients and make it there. Drinking beer that you made yourself is so much more satisfying and refreshing. I'll have to check out that blog!

Wally Haus said...