Friday, December 5, 2008

So now we're home...

Sorry again for the lack of updates, i think we all slept for about a week once we got home (except for me I couldn't sleep past 8a.m. which is like, 3 p.m. in Europe, I'm just making excuses). Liege and Karlsruhe were absolutely amazing! Thanks guys for making the end of our tour so good. After the show in Karlsruhe we had to drive to Frankfort to pack our bags and catch our plane ride home. Unfortunately our timing was off and we got to the airport at 4a.m. which was 2 hours early. We decided it would be a waste of money to go to a hotel for an hour and a half so we stuck it out in the airport lobby until check in opened. I don't know what the other guys did but I found an empty booth in some cafe and crashed there worrying somebody would steal my passport out of my pocket and had bad dreams about ice buckets and stolen liver. I woke up to some German guy yelling at me which I assumed meant I wasn't allowed to sleep in his restaurant. It was very disorienting as you can imagine but luckily for me the 2 hours had already passed and it was time for me to check in with my passport and liver still in tact. The trip home was boring except I got to watch Step Brothers, Wall-E and the new god awful, extremely slow X-Files movie which was a waste of time even on a ten hour plane ride. But actually that was better than the plane trip to Europe where we watched The Nanny Diaries and Made of Honor.

Anyways now our lives are normal so there is not much to talk about. I went Christmas shopping today. How fun! We're starting work on the new album. What? Yeah new album. Stay tuned........

Oh yes and Joel's tooth has been pulled and even though there is a hefty dental bill Joel is now A-OK

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

McDonalds and Toothaches


Thanks to everybody who came out to see us play in Brighton and Paris. You guys are awesome. Except for the dude who kept stealing my drinks on stage. Seriously. Not cool. We're playing in the cafe of a movie theater tonight in Liege, its going to be pretty interesting but I'm looking forward to it. The last time we played in Liege it was a blast. Today we ate at McDonald's (again) and Joel bit into something hard in his Big Mac and chipped one of his teeth pretty bad. He's in a lot of pain and probably needs to go to a dentist, but we're in Belgium, so he's gonna try and tough it out until we go home on Thursday. If you have any advice on amature teeth pulling or some good remedies for a nasty tooth ache please share. Yesterday we were talking about how we need a McDonalds endorsement but now we're talking about suing them haha what a difference a day makes. sorry for the decrease in pictures I don't have any, Joel is the main picture guy, and everybody else went to go see Quantum of Solace. I opted out to walk around Liege a bit. Anyways you guys rule we'll post some more pics as soon as we can. See you soon!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sorry Everybody but. . . .

we have been so busy and have so much fun you don't even know! We haven't had time to update this blog. We played in Glasgow tonight and it was awesome. Tom is really bummed because we were gonna go to a house party near our hotel but now nobody wants to go but him. If you are reading this and you were the one that invited us to the party then we are super super super sorry but you know things happen and people get tired and i can come up with more excuses but we still didn't go.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Suntory Times

Drove from Bordeaux to Paris today and heading to London tomorrow. We went out and got some dinner at this nice little restaurant near where we are staying. Everybody got spaghetti but me and Dima. I got the pizza. I have no clue what Dima had.

The show in Bordeaux was a lot of fun. Thanks everybody who came out to it! I wish i had a picture of what it looked like. We played in the basement of this bar but it was like a cave. Hard to explain but it looked awesome!

I haven't taken a picture in a couple days sorry about that. Ive just been sleeping a lot. What else is new right?

but ill post some pictures from earlier in the tour that I didn't post before.

We all feel like this sometimes.

Oslo, Norway


Loading in Dijon, France


Cool painting of Tom Waits at the club we played at in Dijon



Looks like fun huh?


Monday, November 10, 2008









Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fog it up fuzzball!

Our Pimpmobile. Mercedes Baby! Yeah that's right ladies...Mercedes.


Daniel practicing his moves.

Our setlist. We all have bad we need it on a huge piece of paper. :)



Daniel performing his moves.






Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh No Oh Swiss

Dance Party after show in Switzerland. That is all there is to say. Pictures to follow in the morning. :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

David Gilmore in Belgium?????

Today was an interesting day. We woke up in Cologne, Germany and drove a couple hours to Brussels, Belgium where the Factory Festival was. Got a little lost because the directions were bad....or we are just stupid and couldn't figure them out. Either way it took a little thinking to get there. Pretty cool festival and we ran into who we thought maybe could be David Gilmore...but of course he wasn't. The festival was awesome and we had fun playing but it was SOOO COOOLD!!! i thought my hands were going to fall off. The drumsticks were so freakin cold. It was obviously outside. Daniel said he couldn't feel his hands at all. It is always weird playing on a stage this size. (huge) but i think we pulled it off ok!

So now we are in our very very nice hotel. Probably the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in. We went to the sauna and the pool earlier and i mean WOW that was just what we needed. We all walked around the hotel in bathrobes that you get in your room. Oh and slippers. here are some pictures.

Before the festival show in the big huge tent!


tim looking silly.

joel looking silly.

Friday, October 31, 2008

California in Europe.

So today was a driving day. Long....Boring...Driving day. We started in Malmo Sweden and ended up Cologne Germany. All i did all day was sit in a van seat and watch Californication on dvd. Great show. Blah Blah sorry boring blog.


Thursday, October 30, 2008


Oslo, Oslo, Oslo.........yeaaaahhhhh. Pretty awesome. we met up with our friends we met at the show last night Hanz and Franz (Vinnie and Andy) and they took us to the Vingeland Park and we saw lots of naked sculptures but really awesome stuff. It was sooo cold. Being from Texas i didn't think this kind of cold even existed. But now i know. its insane.

Farewell Norway and Hello Belgium via Cologne. Boo Ya!

The band

Vinnie and Andy from Oslo

Angry Baby



Weird stuff happens in Oslo.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Be A Star....Video!

Here is a fun video we made for a song of our new EP Dmitrij, Dmitrij OUT NOW!! on itunes and all that jazz.


Mcdonalds....Good? Bad? Ugly?

Well we are here in Europe after 30 million hours of travel. Well it seemed like that long. But right now we are in Oslo, Norway. We flew into Germany and then drove up to Denmark and then up to Norway. Long drives but they are very pretty!

This morning we had McDonalds for breakfast and i was super excited!!! and for all of you who are mcdonalds haters....ITS DIFFERENT IN EUROPE! Mcdonalds here is awesome, amazing, incredible and the best thing you could ever want.

The show in Copenhagen was fun. But after that much traveling and then playing a show that night was a little crazy. So you can tell how the show went. Good? Bad? Ugly? You will never know...unless you were there.

here are some pictures so far.


Picture from the ferry from Germany to Denmark

Tim on Ferry

Streets of Copenhagen

Molly loves _______?

Sweden...somewhere in Sweden.

Again. . . Sweden

Tim in the morning in the cold.

Tom enjoying his Mcdonalds Coffee!

yeah i dont know what this is.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dmitrij Dmitrij Available NOW

Today is a great day. Why? Not only are we one week away from embarking on our second European tour this year, but our brand new EP, Dmitrij Dmitrij, has just been released, and is available worldwide at most digital music stores, today! You can buy it from ITunes, by clicking here:

To celebrate the occasion, we're going to give away a bunch of copies Dmitrij Dmitrij to download for free. How might you benefit from said giveaway? I'm glad you asked.

Send an email to with the subject line,"Hippity Hoppity Give Me The Zoppity"

BUT WAIT! There's a catch.

In order to qualify for this fantabulousness, you have to do something for us in return (BESIDES telling all your friends to go buy it on ITunes or wherever they like to buy music online from). Please write a short paragraph (at least a couple of sentences, but really, the longer the better) as to what you think the title Dmitrij Dmitrij could possibly refer to or mean. You can create your own back story, or simply speculate as to what our intentions were by naming it such....whatever! Be creative. But remember, NO EFFORT = NO DOWNLOAD. If I'm going to have to send out hundreds of emails, then I'd like something entertaining to read while I'm doing it. :-)

Please end your email with your name (so I can sort through and keep track of who goes with what, blah blah blah) and valid email address, as you'll need to make sure it's an email address you currently check, because that's how we're going to send you the download information.

There's almost 19,000 of you that could possibly read this. We'll start with the first 100 people who respond CORRECTLY, and then see where we go from there. To summarize:

Email me:

1. Subject: Hippity Hoppity Give Me The Zoppity
2. Your idea of the meaning behind "Dmitrij Dmitrij"
3. Your Name
4. Your Email Address where we should reply with the download information

That's it! We'll post some of the more interesting entries on our blog for all to read and enjoy.

Daniel and the rest of ONOM