Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tour was great. Thanks to everybody who came out to the shows you are all amazing and are the reason we are able to tour in the first place so thank you thank you thank you!! Our first night in Lubbock TX made us feel right at home, bringing some enthusiasm that was off the charts. Everybody is genuinely nice there too. One guy told me he was surprised that we were genuinely nice back, and proceeded to tell me how a lot of Austin bands that come through are snobby to the fine folks in the smaller towns of west Texas. I'm glad we don't come across as snobs, or at least not to that guy.

After a couple driving days we spent Tuesday night in Dodger Stadium catching LA rip it to the Mets. Always a good time. Ten dollar can't beat that!

Sacramento was fun, especially talking to the door guy who explained to me the history of Oingo Boingo and Danny Elfman's transition into a big time composer. That night we were also graced with the music of Pelle Carlberg, who is another genuinely nice guy from Sweden who just so happens to write acoustic pop gems. You should take a listen.

Next day San Fransisco for the SF pop fest. We got there in the afternoon, checked out City Lights Books, then met up with our good friend Cory Branan who happened to be in town recording his new album. We spent the next few hours wandering around and mostly trying to find a place to pee. That night we played with four bands, one happened to be Pelle again and also another band from Sweden(I forget the name). Hanging out in the back room felt like Europe all over again.

Driving from SF to LA is an interesting drive. Passing dozons of dried up orchards each with a sign to explain that it is another "congress made dust bowl", to keep up you hit the speedometer governer at 85 mph only to find every driver still flying by. Then you experience the cold air of SF eaten alive by the desert heat, once again cooled off as soon as you hit LA. It's like somebody forgot to turn on the AC in between. The show that night was good, even if a bit too early.

Next day we played for an online site that I uh...can't remember the name for. But I think its much like We will keep you updated for that. (we played two new songs_____ &_____). Then we went to see To Catch A Thief in a cemetery, which was awesome by the way. Tim made some chili mac, we ate heartily then fell asleep. Thus concluding our little tour.

We ate In&Out about 10 times in the 7 days it was available to us because it is delicious. I hear P Terry's here in home sweet home A-town is a lot like it but have yet to experience that for myself. If it is I will probably gain a lot of pounds out of pure gluttony turned into depression for some reason.

While on tour I read Moondust by Andrew Smith and started Welcome To The Monkey House by Kurt Vonnegut. I went to see Drag Me To Hell and enjoyed it immensely, then the next day watched The Brothers Bloom and also enjoyed it, although for completely different reasons.
Well, my old friend is visiting town tonight and we are going to rent some awesome B horror movie. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tour? Oh Yeah!

We will be starting a small west coast tour on Saturday. Well I guess maybe friday. We play in Austin on Friday. So I guess it starts on Friday. Sweet!

If you do not live where we are going and want us to come to your town im sorry. This is what we could do for now! so stop your complaining! we will be there or near there soon. Actually I don't care if you complain and send comments to our myspace saying COME TO PHILLY!! or COME TO AFRICA! Because i think it would be cool to go to Africa! But it also makes us feel loved that you would actually want US to come to your town. As long as you don't live in Yakima.

Anyways. Here are the dates. read them and WEEP!!!

May 15th - Austin, TX - Mohawk w/ Loxsly, Corto Maltese, Booher and the Turkeyz,Tv Torso.

May 16th - Lubbock, TX - Jake's Backroom

May 20th - Sacramento, CA - Blue Lamp

May 21st - San Francisco, CA - Rickshaw Stop - SF Popfest

May 22nd - Los Angeles, CA - ECHO (Early Show)

Monday, May 4, 2009


I really like that this blog has now become a place just to repost funny youtube videos, for the most part.