Friday, October 31, 2008

California in Europe.

So today was a driving day. Long....Boring...Driving day. We started in Malmo Sweden and ended up Cologne Germany. All i did all day was sit in a van seat and watch Californication on dvd. Great show. Blah Blah sorry boring blog.


Thursday, October 30, 2008


Oslo, Oslo, Oslo.........yeaaaahhhhh. Pretty awesome. we met up with our friends we met at the show last night Hanz and Franz (Vinnie and Andy) and they took us to the Vingeland Park and we saw lots of naked sculptures but really awesome stuff. It was sooo cold. Being from Texas i didn't think this kind of cold even existed. But now i know. its insane.

Farewell Norway and Hello Belgium via Cologne. Boo Ya!

The band

Vinnie and Andy from Oslo

Angry Baby



Weird stuff happens in Oslo.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Be A Star....Video!

Here is a fun video we made for a song of our new EP Dmitrij, Dmitrij OUT NOW!! on itunes and all that jazz.


Mcdonalds....Good? Bad? Ugly?

Well we are here in Europe after 30 million hours of travel. Well it seemed like that long. But right now we are in Oslo, Norway. We flew into Germany and then drove up to Denmark and then up to Norway. Long drives but they are very pretty!

This morning we had McDonalds for breakfast and i was super excited!!! and for all of you who are mcdonalds haters....ITS DIFFERENT IN EUROPE! Mcdonalds here is awesome, amazing, incredible and the best thing you could ever want.

The show in Copenhagen was fun. But after that much traveling and then playing a show that night was a little crazy. So you can tell how the show went. Good? Bad? Ugly? You will never know...unless you were there.

here are some pictures so far.


Picture from the ferry from Germany to Denmark

Tim on Ferry

Streets of Copenhagen

Molly loves _______?

Sweden...somewhere in Sweden.

Again. . . Sweden

Tim in the morning in the cold.

Tom enjoying his Mcdonalds Coffee!

yeah i dont know what this is.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dmitrij Dmitrij Available NOW

Today is a great day. Why? Not only are we one week away from embarking on our second European tour this year, but our brand new EP, Dmitrij Dmitrij, has just been released, and is available worldwide at most digital music stores, today! You can buy it from ITunes, by clicking here:

To celebrate the occasion, we're going to give away a bunch of copies Dmitrij Dmitrij to download for free. How might you benefit from said giveaway? I'm glad you asked.

Send an email to with the subject line,"Hippity Hoppity Give Me The Zoppity"

BUT WAIT! There's a catch.

In order to qualify for this fantabulousness, you have to do something for us in return (BESIDES telling all your friends to go buy it on ITunes or wherever they like to buy music online from). Please write a short paragraph (at least a couple of sentences, but really, the longer the better) as to what you think the title Dmitrij Dmitrij could possibly refer to or mean. You can create your own back story, or simply speculate as to what our intentions were by naming it such....whatever! Be creative. But remember, NO EFFORT = NO DOWNLOAD. If I'm going to have to send out hundreds of emails, then I'd like something entertaining to read while I'm doing it. :-)

Please end your email with your name (so I can sort through and keep track of who goes with what, blah blah blah) and valid email address, as you'll need to make sure it's an email address you currently check, because that's how we're going to send you the download information.

There's almost 19,000 of you that could possibly read this. We'll start with the first 100 people who respond CORRECTLY, and then see where we go from there. To summarize:

Email me:

1. Subject: Hippity Hoppity Give Me The Zoppity
2. Your idea of the meaning behind "Dmitrij Dmitrij"
3. Your Name
4. Your Email Address where we should reply with the download information

That's it! We'll post some of the more interesting entries on our blog for all to read and enjoy.

Daniel and the rest of ONOM

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall/Winter European Tour: Part Deux


For the second time this year, we'll be making our way over the Atlantic to play some shows all around Europe. We were happy enough to go once, so going back is twice as nice. We're also going to some places we weren't able to make it to last time, like Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, and (hopefully) Sweden.

Here's our partial tour dates. We have about 7 or 8 shows left to add, so don't super freak out if your city isn't listed quite yet.
We're working on it!

Tue-28-Oct Copenhagen, Denmark - Lades
Wed-29-Oct Olso, Norway - Café Mono
Sat-1-Nov Nivelles, Belgium - Factory Festival
Mon-3-Nov Luzern, Switzerland - Treibhaus
Tue-4-Nov Milan, Italy - Rocket
Tue-11-Nov Bordeaux, France - Saint-Ex
Thu-13-Nov London, England - Club Fandango
Fri-14-Nov Leeds, England - Brudenell Social Club
Sat-15-Nov Glasgow, Scotland - Captain's Rest
Sun-16-Nov Brighton, England - The Prince Albert
Mon-17-Nov Paris, France - La Flèche d'Or
Tue-18-Nov Liege, Belgium - Cinema Sauveniere
Wed-19-Nov Karlsruhe, Germany - Kohi

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pictures=Proof 2

seeing is believing