Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This is one of the best things ever!!!!

oh yeah, new EP

so guess who's recording? thats right, we are. Yes its another ep but the full length album will follow shortly. Why an ep? thats a secret. but you'll find out. (maybe)

R.I.P. cell phone

So on Sunday it was SO HOT and all day I planned on going swimming. I couldn't wait to surround myself in the cold water. I don't really swim, I just float around, get out until I'm too hot, and then jump back in. Its wonderful. Now on Sunday, although the pool is only 5 blocks from my house, I was sweaty by the time i arrived. So I quickly put my stuff down, ripped of my shirt and jumped in, then realized 15 minutes later my cell phone was still in my pocket. Water is the cell phone's kryptonite, just the smallest amount will destroy it. After 15 minutes completely submerged I was surprised my phone was still recognizable. It now weighs twice as much as usual and sometimes makes a hissing/white noise sound that won't stop until I throw it against the wall. I've now been without a cell phone for the last three days, and i'm sure this has happened to just about everybody, but I feel like I've lost my left hand and am walking around completely naked. I'm even having cell phone withdrawals. About 10 times a day my leg feels vibration and I KNOW that I was supposed to receive a call at that moment, although my phone is sitting lifeless on the bedside table. And every time i go out i have a panic attack after I pat my pockets and find something is missing. Its like my identity was stolen. I am just another face in the crowd, nobody can reach me at any given moment. I cannot contact my friends or family because the numbers are saved in my dead cell phone. Luckily my computer still works and I can send emails and write blog posts. If my computer was to break before I got a cell phone replacement, I would probably disappear forever.