Saturday, November 1, 2008

David Gilmore in Belgium?????

Today was an interesting day. We woke up in Cologne, Germany and drove a couple hours to Brussels, Belgium where the Factory Festival was. Got a little lost because the directions were bad....or we are just stupid and couldn't figure them out. Either way it took a little thinking to get there. Pretty cool festival and we ran into who we thought maybe could be David Gilmore...but of course he wasn't. The festival was awesome and we had fun playing but it was SOOO COOOLD!!! i thought my hands were going to fall off. The drumsticks were so freakin cold. It was obviously outside. Daniel said he couldn't feel his hands at all. It is always weird playing on a stage this size. (huge) but i think we pulled it off ok!

So now we are in our very very nice hotel. Probably the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in. We went to the sauna and the pool earlier and i mean WOW that was just what we needed. We all walked around the hotel in bathrobes that you get in your room. Oh and slippers. here are some pictures.

Before the festival show in the big huge tent!


tim looking silly.

joel looking silly.


Erin The Hermit said...

I was gonna ask how your blog page got all spiffy, but then I read the post before this, so now I know. Cuz I'm smart like that.

Glad yall got to stay in a nice hotel. And wear robes. Cuz really, that's what life's all about.

Zonda said...