Friday, October 31, 2008

California in Europe.

So today was a driving day. Long....Boring...Driving day. We started in Malmo Sweden and ended up Cologne Germany. All i did all day was sit in a van seat and watch Californication on dvd. Great show. Blah Blah sorry boring blog.



Seagull said...

the first season is simply great

now...seems they don't have such great ideas!

but still a great show to watch

driving is cool...even if could make you sooo tired

great new ep guys!


Beto said...

hey guys i don't know how to say this


i made a template for your blog!

with the oh no oh my logo and the colors of your webpage

i hope you like it and don't sue me for using and modifying your art without permission.... it's because i was bored and i didn't like your current template....

anyway you can check it out at:

if you like it please let me know so i can give the template code and the banner to you

i'm addicted to your ep!!!

Joel said...

beto!! that is awesome...i hate our template too but im too stupid to figure out how to make a cool one...will you send it to me??

you rule!