Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mcdonalds....Good? Bad? Ugly?

Well we are here in Europe after 30 million hours of travel. Well it seemed like that long. But right now we are in Oslo, Norway. We flew into Germany and then drove up to Denmark and then up to Norway. Long drives but they are very pretty!

This morning we had McDonalds for breakfast and i was super excited!!! and for all of you who are mcdonalds haters....ITS DIFFERENT IN EUROPE! Mcdonalds here is awesome, amazing, incredible and the best thing you could ever want.

The show in Copenhagen was fun. But after that much traveling and then playing a show that night was a little crazy. So you can tell how the show went. Good? Bad? Ugly? You will never know...unless you were there.

here are some pictures so far.


Picture from the ferry from Germany to Denmark

Tim on Ferry

Streets of Copenhagen

Molly loves _______?

Sweden...somewhere in Sweden.

Again. . . Sweden

Tim in the morning in the cold.

Tom enjoying his Mcdonalds Coffee!

yeah i dont know what this is.

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with milk said...


mcdonalds better in europe?!?! haha. At least is different but i don't think is better... you have XXL drinks and french fries and we only have XL (not 2 XXL).

And the price.... well... it's more expensive!