Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hamburg, Germany/ Berlin, Germany

Right now we are all sitting in the club in Prague. Daniel is playing foosball with our driver Dima who is from around here. This is the first time since hamburg i have been able to get online and post. Sorry for the lack of posts lately.

Hamburg was a lot of fun. I mean a LOT of fun. The club was called Hafenklang Exil. The workers there were very nice. It's amazing how different we get treated in Europe than in America. Its much better in Europe! Ha. We stayed in the clubs apartment downstairs which was really cool. We had a really good crowd turnout. Met a lot of nice people and then we went out on the town.

We went down to the Red Light District in Hamburg. It was about a 10 minute walk from the club. We saw the club that The Beatles first started playing music at. Pretty amazing. We went to this bar and played foosball with some locals and OH MY GOSH!!! I have NEVER seen anybody play foosball like that. Made us look REALLY REALLY REALLY bad. The guy did bank shots off the side and right into the goal. Blew my mind.

Berlin. Berlin. Berlin. Wow. I had the time of my life in berlin. My feet hurt the next morning from dancing so much at the After Party for the show. Before the show we walked around the town a bit in the freezing cold looking at museums and big awesome buildings and water and all that sweet stuff. Berlin is just a beautiful city.

Our friend Allison from Nashville, TN who is now living in Dresden, Germany came out to the show and it was so good to see her. It had been too long! All in all Germany was AWESOME!!! Good beer. Good times.













Erin The Hermit said...

joel your pictures are turning out really freakin cool.

p.s. mom just bought an ipod!

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