Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Copenhagen, Denmark

We are in Copenhagen. Finally! The process getting here was very fun, exciting and interesting. Long plane rides, train rides, van rides and boat rides. As soon as we got off the plane in London Tim got his credit card eaten by a machine. But we all felt better when we found out it was Fashion Week in London. We walked into our hostel for the night/day and there were many many many beautiful women in there. WOOEFK AFOEFALDMF AO F$AO FEAWO FKAOFDALSF KALD FA WOO HOOOOOOO

Anyway the sights here are amazing and the people are great! We are very excited to be here and cant wait to meet all of you!

Here are some pictures so far.


Christine said...

You look so cold, Joel. Don't be cold.

Erin The Hermit said...

i may have already posted it (it disappeared, i swear!) but you look so cool + are you having fun??

Margle said...

lots of fun!!! and very cold!!! AHHH

Mary said...

Love you Joel - how's Prague today?