Friday, October 19, 2007

Brooklyn, NY - 10.19.2007

As I lay here waiting for Tim, Tom, and Joel each to awaken from their respective slumber, my mind wanders over changes in the last year. The first and now I find it much easier to fall asleep on a blow up mattress (though it is a rather nice mattress), rather than my own normal bed at home. I've probably spent more time this year upon this piece of portable furniture, from which I now type, than anywhere else.

It's a somewhat sad thought. Aimlessly (not really) wandering the country, plopping down rubber and filling it with air wherever we might find ourselves for a night. Plopping a sleeping bag on type, dropping a pillow, and resting my head here every night. I've reversed my own normalcy to that of being uncomfortable on my own bed in Austin, to falling asleep much easier on this Aerobed from Bed, Bath, And Beyond. It's fine, I guess. It just seemed to me as a weird juxtaposition between "normal" life, and "on the road" life.

Sorry I don't have any pictures from what we did the past couple days. But I thought I would fill anybody in nonetheless.

Joel, Tom, and myself got up rather early (9am) to go have a little meet and greet with Justin from AAM (Advanced Alternative Media) who does our radio promotions. So it was a long walk from Mark's house (the friend with whom some of us are home invading) to the subway stop, and then a ride on the subway to Manhattan, and then 8 blocks to their offices. We met, gossiped for awhile, and then made our leave. Tim was supposed to have met us there, as he was only staying 1 freaking block away from the AAM offices...but I got a text message from him at 11 (when he was supposed to be there) with only the word "Nope".

We had made plans to go to some sort of TV show taping, whether it be Conan, Letterman, The Daily Show, or The Colbert Report, and I had even gone as far as to actually acquire online reservations for the Daily Show, but then Tom found out that we were going to do this photoshoot thing in Brooklyn, and then had to be at Galapagos at 5 to do a soundcheck for our show there later that night at 12:30. So we canceled the Daily Show tickets (for fear of being forever blacklisted from future taping opportunities), and made our way back to Brooklyn. The timing for the photoshoot didn't work out, so we made plans to do it the following day. So we laid low, and then made our way in our Van over to the Galapagos for soundcheck.

So we get there at 5pm, load our stuffs into one room, then told we don't need drums, among other things, and load the drums back into the van. We then find out that we're playing in a different room on the side, called the "Side Stage", and start moving our stuff into that room. There's no drums set up on this new stage, so, we load the drums back inside. And again after we finish doing all this, we're told we don't need drums yet again. So back they go! Hoorah! So we're hanging out for awhile letting the super nice sound dude Tim get a handle on his situation and set his own equipment up. We leave and go get some coffee, and by this time it's 6:30 or so. We get back from coffee, and it's decided that (as I and everyone had already felt) there was no need for a soundcheck, and we should just pack up our stuff back into the van and head to the next venue where we were playing a show in Manhattan at 11pm.

So off we go....over the bridge and to the Delancey, our next venue. We found a really really awesome parking spot, unloaded our stuff down some stairs, and filled time for the next 4 hours. We played right after a band called Foreign Born, which I only saw one song of, but I liked what I heard. It was a small stage and small room, but energetic and lively....a pretty awesome show. We kept it a short set, as we had about 30 minutes to load back into the van, drive over the bridge back to Brooklyn, unload at Galapagos, setup, and play. Somehow we made it in time, got our stuff ready and played. It was a somewhat crappy show for me personally, because I had already been super tired the whole evening, and was kindof "played out", and then I broke a string, which kindof threw me off my game even more. There weren't a whole lot of people there to watch at all, but I guess it was fine.

Then for me and Joel and Mark's roommate Mike, it was off for bed.

Annie from Au Revoir Simone had been at our show at the Galapagos the night before, and invited us all to her house for Brunch with her and her awesome husband Doug (he plays drums for Dirty on Purpose). Me and Joel made our way over there around noon, followed by Greg and his girlfriend. We had a pleasant brunch, filled with enthralling conversation, and then said our goodbyes.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Back to Mark's, we chilled for awhile, and then made our way over to where we were having our Photoshoot at 5pm, with a quick stop at my most favoritist music store in the country, Main Drag Music. Joel and I perused the shop for little bit, not lingering for too long as to not become forlorn for the things we could not buy, and left empty handed. I did see one of the dudes from TV on the Radio there, though.

We went over to our publicists office, where we were supposed to rendezvous for the photoshoot, waited for Tim and Greg to show up, and went and took pictures. yay. It was quick and painless for the most part, but always awkward as I'm beginning to find out they always are. We finished, and then Tim, Joel, and I went to a rare full sized supermarket and bought grocieries to make Spaghetti, and went home. We made dinner, watched the Office, Boston/Indians game, and then Conan. And then I went to bed.

Which brings us to the present. Today the plans include riding the Staten Island ferry, going to a taping of the Colbert Report, and if not that, go to the MOMA for free, and eating at some sort of notable New York establishment. But as it is right now, it's 12:30 and half of us are still in bed asleep (Joel has since risen from slumber in the time it has taken me to write this post). So we'll see what we actually get to do.

Tomorrow we have one last show in Brooklyn, a showcase/party for AAM, and then we're off again with The Deadly Syndrome for our last 4 shows of the year.

Over and out


sean o'kane said...

great show at The Delancey
hope to see you guys tomorrow afternoon if possible

Christy said...

Well I think you sound pretty lucky after reading all of that.
I'd love to be travelling all over the country even if it meant sleeping on an air mattress. It beats staying in one place, in my opinion.