Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Contest, you say? *UPDATED*

Are you one of those people that never win anything? I know, me too. I did win tickets to see Mighty Ducks 2 when I was in first grade, for this sweet joke I submitted to the Denver Post. But you know, that doesn't really count. I had to go with my parents. And I think my sister got to go too, so really, that was a shared victory, and not something to call my own.

BUT I DIGRESS. Here's your chance to finally win big. We're going to give away the following:

1 Shoot 'Em Up T-Shirt (in whatever size you want)
1 Brains/Walking Into Me on 7" 45RPM Vinyl (just released, featuring 2 songs from our upcoming album)
1 Dmitrij Dmitrij EP on 12" 45 rpm Vinyl
1 Dmitrij Dmitrij EP CD
1 "Oh No! Oh My!" CD
2 Oh No Oh My Beer Coozys
A bunch of Oh No Oh My temporary tattoos and buttons/pins/badges/whatever you want to call them
1 spot on the guest list to any one of our shows IN THE ENTIRE WORLD

HOLY CRAP THAT'S AWESOME. How do you have to do in exchange for such an awesome prize package?? Make us a tour poster! To summarize what we're looking for:

11x17 Poster
Preferably 1-2 Colors (in case it's so awesome that we decide have it screen printed but if you feel your vision needs full color, then I guess that would be okay...)
300 DPI
Must have "Oh No Oh My" on it **No Exclamation Points** (Oh No Oh My is our name "Oh No! Oh My! is an album title)
Must be completely original design (please don't take from other peoples work, or any of our own former band designs/logos)
No photographs (remember, we'd like to screen print it, possibly)
Please nothing cute, or precious, or things like that.
Simple is good.

Send a smaller file version of your entry (something like 550x850 pixels) to daniel@ohnoohmy.com by August 22nd with the subject "Poster Contest" and YOU'LL BE ON YOUR WAY TO GLORIOUS PRIZES. If for some reason we get multiple cool entries, we might pick more than one winner!

If you have any other questions leave a comment or email me!


seth said...

if this is supposed to be a tour poster, is there any other text you would like included in the design? the tour's name, dates, venues, other bands in the tour, those sorts of things.

thank you

Anonymous said...

i just sent my entry and shortly thereafter received an message saying my email failed because daniel@ohnoohmy.com is no longer active. is there another address i should send it to?

Dapplesauce said...

That's weird. I've gotten other peoples entries at the same email address. Just go ahead and try it again, I might've fixed the problem.