Sunday, June 21, 2009

I've finished the song about space. Its about a NASA pilot aborting a mission to explore the cosmos on his own. The idea of light years and the size of our universe blows my mind.

Tim's b-day celebration was fun. Booher and the Turkeyz and Royal Bangs melted our faces. Thanks to all of you who came out. I heard Year One was awful and it doesn't really suprise me. But I do like Harold Ramis and I do like Ghostbusters. I didn't know Harold Ramis was a director until some imdb searches let me know he's directed a lot of bad movies with an exception or two like Groundhogs Day.

I'm on season four of The Wire but my video store was out so I rented Tokyo Zombie and Body of Lies which for me gets a hearty thumbs down. Both of them. Tokyo Zombie was not funny and Body of Lies was plain and simple not that good. I was slightly entertained but mostly bored by both of them. I should just stick with The Wire.

Anyways I am writing writing writing I hope you all are doing well.



Wally Haus said...

thank you very much for showing me the chord!

good luck with the new songs.
I'm thinking about taking my car someday and travel to see you playing live

Gabriel said...

I watch Groundhog day every year. I once considered trying to watch it everyday so that I could recite the whole thing in my sleep but then I realized that Bill Murray didn't actually look too excited about doing that kind of thing in the movie.

Anonymous said...

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