Tuesday, March 18, 2008


SXSW was a lot of fun for us this year. I mean it's always fun but this year was way more fun then we thought we could possibly have. Especially coming straight from Europe the day before. Our first show was a Lou Reed Tribute Show. We were all pretty nervous about playing this. Except for Tim. (but i think he is a liar!) We were asked to play this while we were in Europe and we never really got a chance to practice the songs while we were over there. And the only real practice we had was the day of the show for a little amount of time. So you can understand why we would be a little nervous. Right? ... Right! But the show was amazing. The crowd was diggin' it. We were diggin' it and I think Lou Reed was into it as well.

Here are some pictures from that show.

I have to give stereogum credit for these. So....credit stereogum. ok. cool.

We played Hank Sinatra's again this year. Always fun. But this year we all got really bad sunburns. So we looked like those manikins that they have at sports stores. The really red ones. Ever seen those? Well yeah...it was bad!

Then Sat. night we played our showcase at buffalo billiards. Lot's of people turned out for that and made it a great time. If you live in Austin and you have never been to Buffalo Billiards then you really need to go check it out. The best tables in town! Great food. (try the broccoli and cheese bites...delicious) Great time!

So that was our SXSW 2008 experience. Peace!


Erin The Hermit said...

i heard that buffalo billiards used to be a whorehouse and it's, like, haunted by dead prostitutes. so that's pretty rad.

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