Monday, March 3, 2008

Brighton, England

We are finally in England. Last nights show was kind of a disaster but turned out really cool. We blew up all the power at Freebutt and ended up playing a somewhat acoustic somewhat not acoustic show. But I really enjoyed it and thanks to everybody who came out even if you didnt think we were going to make it! We were really really late thanks to a very lame ferry from France!

Today was a day off that we spent getting all the things we needed for the rest of our shows in England. Power connectors and converters. yippeeee!

Tomorrow. London. Water Rats.


Chris said...

Hope you guys are having a Great time. Try to not blow anything else up, OK?
Can't wait to see all the pictures and hear all the stories. See ya soon. Dad.

Messenger Bird said...

I miss guys, come back to Hollywood soon.


Rich said...
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Rich said...

hi chaps,
great gig in bristol on wednesday night, really enjoyed it...
here's my review on

AmousS said...

Bonjour !
I saw you at the Grillen in Colmar.
I was the little blue-eyed girl with my shy friend :)
and we asked you autographes like groupies. Do you remember?
We love you and of course your music.
I can't help myself thinking of you, it was such a magic moment to see you like "real people"!! :P
I hope to see you again in France.
(sorry for the faults, my english is poor)